Free Opt-Out Cookie Law Generator is 100% free way how to create Mobile Friendly Cookie Law Notification Bar for any website including websites powered by Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, Opencart etc.. It takes less then a minute to set it up. Get inspired by the one-liner example below and see how easy the installation can be. Let's get started.

NEW! 100% Free Tool for Website Notifications including Cookie Notifications Launched!

We have finally launched new and much much better Tool to create Cookie Notifications and many other notification. But you can still use this old tool..

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Get the code, or start building by your own

Copy the code above and paste it into your site's HTML.

First of all, please select a design theme
Cookie Law position
Box Radius
Animation (Option, don't select if you don't want)
Animation Delay (in second)

Set the delay time the Cookie Law will start the animation.

Custom Player Color

Body color Cookie Law body background color

Message font color Set font color for your Message

Custom message. Supporting BB Code, you can use tag like [b][/b], [url=][/url] to style your message.

Link font color Set font color for link using in your Message.

Custom Accept Buttons

Accept button background colorr

Accept button font color

Accept button name

Accept button radius

Get the code

Copy the code above and paste it into your site's HTML.